45 Lunches All Under 400 Calories and Perfect For Taking to Work

   September 9, 2016   Calorie Breakdowns, Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes, Lunch, Tuesday Weigh In   No Comments


The last thing you want to deal with in the afternoon is a low-energy slump that comes from being too hungry or because you ate a heavy lunch that knocks you into a coma. These healthy lunch recipes are exactly what you need for hectic work days. Each meal is full of healthy protein, fiber, […]

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My Sister and I Got Tested For the Breast Cancer Gene – and Only 1 of Us Was Negative

   September 8, 2016   breast cancer, Health News, Healthy Living, Personal Essay, Tuesday Weigh In, Women's Health   No Comments


My sister, Holly (left), and I (right) as kids, at the beach with our mom in 1997 It was hard to believe that, at just 25 years old, I needed to see a breast-cancer specialist. As I waited on the exam table, all I could think about was my mom’s battle with breast cancer and […]

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These balls Paleo protein have only 1 gram of sugar

   September 8, 2016   Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes, healthy snacks, Paleo, Protein, Tuesday Weigh In   No Comments


09/08/16 balls most proteins are not paleo! But these are. No grains, no dairy, no peanuts, no powder and cheese whey protein or vegetables. Slightly sweet, these are so close to the time of the cave you can get. Done with only seven ingredients including raw nuts, hearts hemp, flaxmeal, and banana, you’ll love these […]

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Why is healthy is so difficult? Due to reasons

   September 8, 2016   Fitness Inspiration, Fitness Motivation, Healthy Living, Humor, Instagram, Memes, Tuesday Weigh In   No Comments


When healthy livin that life is more difficult than expected, take comfort in knowing you are not alone. meal preparation, elimination diets, exercise. . . it all seems like a lot. Do you know how to cook? Do you even own Tupperware? Where is the gym? The struggle is real. These memes seem to be […]

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Healthy foods you may be eating all evil

   September 8, 2016   Healthy Eating Tips, Healthy Living, Tuesday Weigh In, Vegetables   No Comments


We have the best intentions when we choose healthy foods to nosh on. But if you eat them in the wrong direction, it could be lack of valuable nutrients or get more calories than I expected. Here are six good-for-you foods commonly consumed in less healthy ways. The post Healthy foods you may be eating […]

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Get ready for an experience sugarless Starbucks – Stevia has come

   September 7, 2016   coffee, Health News, Healthy Eating Tips, Healthy Living, Starbucks, sugar free, sweetener, Tuesday Weigh In   No Comments


07/09/16 Be happy, healthy-coffee lovers: Stevia is now available at Starbucks . The brand has announced that the bars Seasoning chain across the country now offer a “fifth option packages Nature Earth Sweetener sweet green whole, called”. Prepare to sprinkle some healthy sweetness in your latte! We all know hopefully by now that aspartame is […]

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The 75 healthy dinners you need in your recipe Arsenal

   September 7, 2016   Dinner, Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes, Tuesday Weigh In   No Comments


If you are in the market for some new recipes healthy dinner, have come to the right place. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or even Paleo, there are a number of delicious dishes in this long list of 75 that will satisfy their food preferences and your palate. Do not get stuck at that dinner […]

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Jessica Alba shares her Surprisingly Health System achievable

   September 7, 2016   Celebrity Fitness, Diet Tips, Healthy Living, Healthy Living Tips, Jessica Alba, Shape Magazine, Tuesday Weigh In   No Comments


Jessica Alba is like the popular girl in school. . . only more pleasant way. The 35-year-old actress has become a kind of guru lifestyle in recent years, due largely to the success honest company , your company billion dollars offered by the natural and organic home, baby, and now beauty products. Only a year […]

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20 without heat to bring to maintain your weight-loss journey track

   September 7, 2016   Healthy Eating Tips, Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes, Lunches, Tuesday Weigh In   No Comments


No microwave? No problem. No matter what your goals, no heat these meals will help keep your managed weight and weight loss on track as we head into the coldest months and holiday season. Whether low calorie, balanced or with just the right set of macros for weight loss , these tasty midday meals will […]

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Vegans Attention! Chips Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate are no longer Dairy-Free!

   September 7, 2016   Baking, chocolate, Dairy-Free, Healthy Living, Tuesday Weigh In, Vegan, Vegetarian   No Comments


07/09/16 I’m in shock. I feel completely betrayed. For a chocolate chip, of all things. It is sad for those of us do not consume dairy products because I just found out that Ghirardelli changed its recipe, and has now made with whole milk powder sad day. Horrible, I know. I totally feel your pain. […]

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