15 medicinal uses and benefits of plant flower Tesu


You may have seen a flower reddish-orange color, which is used in Holi. Yes, it Tesu or Palash flower. Today we will be saying the uses and benefits of this beautiful looking, cute medicinal plants.

The plant has been used as a medicinal herb since antiquity. Trees are available across India. Take his description and benefits.

Aspect of the plant Tesu:

Tesu plant

This plant is 5-20 feet high. The stem bark is 1 inch thick and rough. The leaves are pinnate 3-foliate, 4-8 inches long. It is bright brown on the top and bottom part, and is hairy. The tip has round leaves that are small bifurcated. The plant has flowers that are bright orange and dark red in color.

In summer, an oil extracted from the flowers that when solidifies, it becomes red gum, which is also known as “ kamarka “.

Chemical composition:

The bark and gum contains gallic acid. It also contains an unctuous and alkali liquid. The seeds contain palasonin and stable plant contains oil.

Tesu plant Properties:

  • The fruits are astringent, quenching thirst, blood clots and purify urine.
  • is anti-dermatosis, antipyretic and purify urine.
  • alleviates kapha and pitta.

The seeds are barking, purgatory and anthelmintic, blood purifier and IMTA toxic in nature. Gum cure acidity and has binding properties.

Flowers of Tesu
Tesu flowers

Types of plants Tesu:

There are two species of Tesu, based in the color of the flowers; Orange and red.

Nomenclature plant Palash

Name English – Jungle Flame

Name Hindi – Dhak, Tesu

Sanskrit name – Raktapushpak, Kinshuk, Yagik

name Bengali – Palash

Name gujrati – Khakharo

family name – Fabaceae

scientific name – Butea monospermous

Now , we will see the benefits for health / medicinal plant of palash. So far, you should be know as “flower Holi” or an occasional flower. Be prepared to change your view. Have a look!

15 medicinal benefits of plant Tesu:

1. Treatment eye ​​ disorders

  • Put a drop of fresh root extract, eyes regularly.
  • It cures all kinds of eye disorders.
  • also controls cataracts, night blindness and the same type of eye problem.
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2. Stops nasal Bleeding-

  • 05.07 Soak your flowers in water overnight.
  • The next morning, strain the solution and add a small amount of sugar in it.
  • Give the patient.
  • that stops nosebleeds.

3. As an appetizer,

  • Give 4-5 drops of extract its fresh roots, blade nut-grass.
  • Increases appetite.

4. To Contraception-

  • Burn the seeds and add half the amount of asafoetida in it.
  • are ground together to form a powder.
  • Dale immedietely 2-3 grams of this powder mentrual cycle start and continue for a few days after that.
  • destroys the ability of women to conceive.

5. It is used to treat Flatulence-

  • Give 3-40 ml decoction of its bark and dry ginger powder twice a day .
  • Cures inflammation of the stomach, caused by indigestion or accumulation of wind.

6. AIDS in Piles-

  • Take 10-20 grams of ash throughout your plant and give it to the patient with hot butter .
  • is beneficial in bleeding piles.
  • Take fresh leaves and smear with ghee.
  • Give this to the patient with clotted cream.

7. Curas Diarrhoea-

  • Take 625 mg to 2 g of paste and mix small amount of cinnamon and little poppy she.
  • Give this to the patient.
  • is an instant and immediate cure for diarrhea.
  • O, give decoction seeds 1 teaspoon teaspoon goat milk after meals three times a day.
  • is beneficial in diarrhea.
  • During treatment, only milk goat and rice should be eaten.

8. Da Joint pain- relief

  • Apply seed paste with honey on the painful area.
  • joint pain relief is given.

9. It is used to treat the wound fast

  • Sprinkle dust from her gum in the wound.
  • faster relief is given.

10. Cures urinary disorders

  • PLUCK their buds closed and shade to dry.
  • Crush and strain them, then add brown sugar to it.
  • Dale 9 g of this mixture to the patient each morning.
  • It cures all kinds of urinary disorders.
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11. Arrests aging-

  • Dale powder 1 teaspoon whole plant shade with butter and honey mixed in it dried.
  • Give this twice a day.
  • This makes healthy, free person of any diseases and disorders.
  • also arrests aging.

12. Good for Eczema-

  • Grind seeds with lemon juice and apply on the affected area.
  • is beneficial for healing eczema and pruritus.

13. It ends with healthy childhood pregnancy

  • Moler its soft and fresh cow’s milk in leaves.
  • Dale 2 teaspoon of this along with cow’s milk to pregnant women.
  • results in the birth of a healthy child.

14. Treats nodular boiling

  • Ata poultice of leaves in the tumor.
  • Dale 3-5 grams inner bark of the root with milk for the patient.

15. Improves sexual vigor

  • Give 5-6 drops its root extract, twice a day.
  • that involuntary semen flow stops and also improves sexual vigor.
  • Use 2-4 drops its seed oil to massage the organs.
  • Within a few days, it cures impotence and promotes sexual vigor.

Mito on Palash plant:

Many people have several misconception about the plant also, please do not go with them.

  • It is said if the bird palash plant, shown below, was paralyzed. Not a fun thing;)
  • Many people even say that if you rub the flower in the skin, then it will make your skin itchy and uneven, even.

In this way we saw the health benefits of plant Tesu. If you also have any of the problems listed above, then please give this herb a chance.

Share your experience with us and share the article to all media. Care and live well!


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