5 amazing health benefits of grass Nagarmotha

Nagarmotha herb

On this planet, there are many herbs that are rich in health benefits. Today we will inform you on a plant, in the same category. It’s called ‘ Nagarmotha ‘.

You are going to surprise their health benefits. It is also known as nut grass English, and is used in various ayurvedic preparations.

Appearance of Cyperusrotundus:

Nagarmotha grass

is a perennial plant and it belongs to the family of straw. It is a small shrub that grows to 1-3 feet tall, with long thin leaves that grow underground stem.

The stem is edible roots that are oval and 1/2 inch in diameter. These are fragrant, yellow on the outside and white outside.

If it is found

Nagarmotha is found throughout India, near bodies of water to the height of 6000 feet. It is especially in the wet land banks of canals and rivers. The plant flowers in July and fruits in December.

Chemical composition of plant:

roots of nagarmotha
roots Nagarmotha

Fruit containing a tasty fragrant oil. They also have protein, starch and other carbohydrates.

Nagarmotha- Properties

It is sour, bitter, spicy and slightly unctuous not. Alleviates kapha and pitta, blood disorders, thirst, fever and lack of appetite. It is anthelmintic in nature and edema healing, skin disorders and other disorders.

Nomenclature Nagarmotha:

Name English – Nut-grass

Name Hindi – Nagarmotha

Sanskrit name – Mustak, VarID, Kacharuha

Kingdom – Plantae

family name – Cyperaceae

Scientific name cypriol

Now, we will be moving to the health benefits of Nagarmotha. The benefits are truly amazing and will help a lot.

health benefits of medicinal plant Nagarmotha:

1. Improvement Lactation-

  • nut grass Boil water and give it women in breastfeeding.
  • Increases milk production, and naturally purified.
  • O, grinding Cyperusrotundus cool and apply on the breasts of women.
  • Improved breastfeeding.
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2. The interest in improving the food-

  • Prepare decoction 10-10 g each of Cyperusrotundus and pittapapada.
  • Give this to the patient, every morning and evening 1 hour before meals.
  • Cures fever, improve the digestive power and develops interest in food.

3. Treatment urinary disorders

  • Prepare decoction of equal amounts of Cyperusrotundus, Berberis, Aristata, deodar and triphala .
  • Give this to the patient, every morning and evening.

4. AIDS in Fever-

  • Give a decoction prepared by Cyperusrotundus and tinospora the patient. It heals fever.
  • Or, prepare decoction 10-10 g each of Cyperusrotundus Ginger root and chiretta.
  • Give this to the patient.
  • Cura kapha , vata, indigestion and fever.
  • also it improves digestion power.

5. Curas TB cough

  • Take equal amounts of ripe fruits of nut-grass long pepper shadow and yellow berried night.
  • Moler and give all butter and honey for the patient.
  • is very beneficial in curing cough T.B.

These were the health benefits of Cyperusrotundus. It really is a miracle herb, that everyone should use. I hope you like the post! Share it with everyone and not share their experience with us. Care and live well!


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