Coconut butter is richer than coconut oil: Make your own healthy butter for hundreds of uses


Every day, there are entirely new discoveries in the vast healthy foods available in nature that are rich in nutrients and useful for our health. If it really has been following the health news on the web, you’ll understand that coconut oil is fantastic. Perhaps you have been using coconut oil for many years and enjoy it!

Now, cocoa butter is supposed to be even better than coconut oil, due to the fact that it is made using whole coconut meat, all combined into a smooth consistency and allowed to solidify. Whereas, coconut oil was only an extract of coconut meat.

Envision, if coconut oil is already fantastic, then you want something much more remarkable than that- coconut butter! Here are simple steps on how you can make your own coconut butter

best ways to make COCO BUTTER


No truth is really a dish for the production of cocoa butter due to the fact which is not only a component: Coco

If you can, get a whole coconut. The coconut is golden brown you see are often sold in ethnic supermarkets are truly “old coconut”. This is the type you want as the water has dried coconut meat and has solidified and thickens. This is the same type of meat coconut exact age is used to make coconut milk.

If you can not find all this coconut pieces dried coconut or sugar then scales will do. Get them as fresh as possible. Do not use sweetened, roasted, reduced fat or oil desiccated coconut.

If you have a high-powered blender (like a Vitamix), which would be the perfect device for cocoa butter. If you are using a food processor, you can do the job well, apart from that, it may take a little longer and the result may not be as smooth as exactly what you get from a Vitamix.

Step 6 cups coconut flakes you have and put in your Vitamix / blender or food mill. Because of its dry nature, it is easier to do more than do less. 6 cups is about the best amount to obtain mixing well to produce a consistency of soft butter.

Turn on the Vitamix and run it on high for about 1-2 minutes until you reach your preferred smooth. If using a food mill, they may need to run and stop a few times to scrape down the sides. Keep doing that until finally the coconut meat is obtained until a thick, smooth, butter-like consistency.

By now, the delicious aroma of homemade, natural, healthy coconut butter smells. Put your completed coconut butter is still liquid in a container and let cool to solidify. If you are resident in a place of warm weather, then you may need to cool the cocoa butter to solidify.

Enjoy your fragrant butter and coconut extremely useful in many ways. Just eat it as is, it spreads on toast, coffee and add it to your healthy smoothies, use it for cooking, flavored with cinnamon or any way you fancy. It is limited only by your imagination only, and can be addictive! :)

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