How many calories are in an apple?

Our list shows how many calories are in apples

There is no easier way to integrate a small intermediate snack every day in the daily diet routine. To eat an apple.

How many calories you are in an apple?

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has been medically proven that regular consumption of apples good for our body and helps you stay healthy. Sure, you know the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” (Translation: An apple a day keeps the doctor away)

There are apples worldwide, and are available throughout the year..

Curious about how many calories are in a apple

There are variety such as Golden Delicious, Elstar, Granny Smith, and more. Apples are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

They are fat free, low in sodium and have no cholesterol.

In short, eating apples is a smart decision to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating an apple a day.

How to keep healthy apples:

You can set your day

If you regularly eat an Apple, you have to worry about your digestion because they help regulate digestion .

A British researcher believes that eating apples in one of the easiest to prevent all kinds of diseases ways. He calls the disease, caused by chronic constipation are “diseases of pressure.”

appendicitis, diverticulosis disease (small pouches in the colon), hemorrhoids, hiatal hernia (hiatal hernia) and even varicose veins may be due every effort in hard stools.

Just peel an apple with 4 to 5 grams of fiber – contains the most important nutrient that works in harmony with the gut like a machine. Do not laxatives, medicines replace with a crisp, delicious apple instead of chips or chocolate chip cookies to access your daily snack.

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Do something for your health and save some calories.

An apple contains, for example, about 80 calories (kcal), while a portion of chips contains 150 calories (kcal) and chocolate chip cookies with 200 calories (kcal) are loaded more heavily.

But that’s not all that brings the Apple of the positive properties. Thanks to the pectin is apple, apple, even when diarrhea is very useful; either in the form of a whole block, or applesauce. In the latter case, it is safe to be consumed without adding sugar, but important because the artificial sugar worsens diarrhea and therefore there is a risk that the body suffers an excessive loss of fluids.

An apple a day keeps the body young and fit:

For now, it is known that antioxidants protect against many diseases. Slowing down the aging process of our body.

In fact, many people do not complement and build on their protection, so now billion heavy industry has formed.

However, evidence shows that whole foods can do more for you and your health than pills because any apple contains more than 15 times the antioxidant power of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. And this it’s just the beginning.

The researchers found that an ordinary Apple could stop the growth of cells of liver cancer in test tubes. unpeeled apples were particularly effective.

Ask yourself the question: why spend money on chemicals, if you have the opportunity to be able to get a power of more natural, antioxidant fire of sweet, crisp


sometimes it is not easy to remember what good food for the body. If you are the next time you take an apple, and he has a slight heart-shaped, so you can remember are the good apples for the heart.

Magnesium content in apples and potassium helps regulate and maintain healthy blood pressure to heart. The flavonoid quercetin is a natural antioxidant that protects the walls of the arteries of the damage, so that blood flows smoothly.

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it is scientifically confirmed flavonoid – rich foods in our diet, just like Apple, reduces the risk of heart disease. There is evidence in a study of Japanese women who ate foods high in quercetin.

They were less vulnerable to contracting cardiovascular disease than other women, and had lower values ​​of total area Cholsterin, LDL, or bad cholesterol.

An apple a day protects against stroke

All apples are a good choice! People who regularly eat apples is likely to get much lower than in those taking no apple to a stroke.

An apple a day protects joints

In some parts of the world where fruits and vegetables are a major part of the diet, only a few people suffering from arthritis.

Compare this with the modernized countries, which have been replaced with fruits and vegetables processed and fast foods, so that 70 percent of the population suffer from some form of arthritis you can be found. Just a coincidence? Not according to nutrition experts.

connect this phenomenon in part to boron, a trace mineral that many plants, including apples, take from the ground.

If diet like most people, so take ca. 1 to 2 milligrams (mg) per day boron; mostly, but not by eating citrus fruits, leafy vegetables and nuts.

Experts believe, however, that would have to take for 3 to 10 mg per day for arthritis risk can be reduced to fall ill. To increase the intake of boron at this level, we should take more than nine blocks per day.

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