6 weight loss hacks that actually help you lose weight

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By TNT Bureau Sep 9 , 2016: Are you one of those who have been trying a lot to lose weight but haven’t tasted success yet? Then, my friend you have definitely made the right clock today. READ ALSO: Eating without lights helps in weight loss In this discussion, you will get to know about 6 weight loss […]

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Light salmon burgers

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A different way of eating oily fish If there is a fish that seduces everyone for their taste, that is salmon. If you want to find another alternative to eat, you can try this simple recipe for homemade salmon burgers. Salmon, undoubtedly, is one of the most valuable fish meat there, especially if it is […]

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The Mediterranean diet: healthy diet in the world

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The Mediterranean region is famous for its healthy recipes and eating habits that emphasize seasonal, traditional preparations and natural products . The Mediterranean diet has several food sources and focuses mainly on the intake of olive oil as a major source of beneficial fats. The diet has been studied since the 70s, and researchers have […]

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Objective Back pumping and underarm flab exercises with 4 quick

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Imagine this (I’m sure it’s happened to us all at once): Your much needed vacation and holiday is about to celebrate to go buy the small perfect sundress.You hit the jackpot with a dress on sale (go!) and, of course, look better in it. then turn off the back. Uh oh, back fat. What a […]

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How to lose 10 pounds in 7 days (naturally and safely) with this amazing diet Apple!

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Many people have tried different crazy things in the fight against weight loss, sleep and not eating rubbery but if swallowed. Weight loss can often be dangerous and time with fad diets. So, why this diet is different? Apples protect against cancer, prevent fat accumulation in the liver, promote the work of the immune system […]

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Forskolin weight loss :? The real or just another supplement Hyped

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Is not it exciting to hear about a loss supplement weight you can simply melt fat and muscle mass drop is not present? The answer is, of course, “yes.” However, his follow-up question must be then, “Does it really work?” And the answer to that question is rarely as positive as initial claims may sound. […]

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I Gave Up These 6 Things to Be Truly Healthy For Life

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The following post was originally featured on Fit Bottomed Girls and written by Alison, a contributor to Jenn, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness. Losing 70 pounds is tough. Keeping it off for more than a decade is even tougher. Trust me, I tried everything. Once I lost the weight, I thought I’d feel […]

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Weight Loss Tip # 158- head to a training camp

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When is an efficient and quick training, nothing you can overcome boot camp. The bootcamp training strength training and cardio bursts to maximize the benefits of your workout mix. No muscles in your body will go blank in a session of training camp fast paced. Vigorous workout increases your heart rate to end up burning […]

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The 10 rules of weight loss you should always follow

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Image Source: PopSugar Photography / Kat Borchart no magic bullet or secret pill – sustainable weight loss does not happen overnight. If you want to lift the weight and keep it off forever, some major changes healthy lifestyle they have to happen for the results last. Here are the 10 rules to live by every […]

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How Travis has changed his outlook on life with Runtastic (and Lost 32 kg)

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In this story, the user Runtastic Travis Shaw reveals how he changed life and achieve a healthy life balance. “At the end of 2009 was the beginning of some very difficult years for me and my family. Not knowing at the time, but looking back 5 years later, I can see that was starting to […]

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