Oolong tea weight loss


Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese caffeinated drink that made from buds, stems and leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves of the same plant are also used to make black and green tea, but the only process for oolong tea sets it apart from black and green tea. To prepare oolong tea plant needs to be wilted under the hot sun and then goes for oxidation before curling and twisting.

Oolong tea is full of many essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, selenium, magnesium, folic acid, niacin, detoxifying alkaloids and vitamins A, C, E. Oolong tea is beneficial for strengthening the immune system, cancer treatments, healing diabetes, management of dental caries, maintenance of heart health, stress reduction, improved brain function, etc.

Does Oolong tea really help you lose weight

Oolong tea is very beneficial to your overall health, but at the same time, it also works very well to get rid of those extra pounds and helps maintain your body weight with regular intake. You must be thinking now what properties are in oolong tea that makes it so useful to lose weight? We’ll see!

Rate increases metabolism


Oolong tea contains a lot of antioxidants, which help increase the body’s metabolism rate by 10%. And we all know that increased metabolism means more calorie burn that ultimately leads to weight loss.

lowers cholesterol

Oolong tea is semi rusty, so consumption of polyphenols produces a molecule that activates the lipase enzyme and this enzyme helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the body and dissolve body fat. This process, in turn, helps us lose weight gradually.


proper digestion of food is known to restrict weight gain and help maintain their body weight. His alkalizes consumption digestive tract and reduces inflammation if you are suffering from a problem of ulcer. The antiseptic nature of oolong tea bad bacteria also cleans the digestive tract and causes the smooth digestion process.

Reduces abdominal fat

Oolong tea helps one to lose weight by reducing fat deposits in the area of ​​the arm and abdomen. The antioxidants in reducing LDL cholesterol that damages your body.

increases energy expenditure

Oolong tea also contains a good amount of phytochemicals that increases the body’s energy expenditure. It also limits the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. And these two qualities help you lose a few extra pounds if you regularly consume Oolong tea.

Oolong tea is calorie-free

addiction hot drinks also adds to your weight. Changing your caloric morning or afternoon latte with oolong can help you succeed in your weight loss regimen as oolong tea is calorie-free.

Increases fat oxidation

When the caffeine content in oolong tea is combined with ECGCs, which works to join the fat oxidation.

Stabilizes blood sugar Level

The level of blood sugar greatest amount of weight one. Therefore control the level of blood sugar helps one lose weight considerably. Drinking oolong tea helps keep glucose levels in healthy blood. Polyphenols in oolong tea metabolize blood sugar.

How do Oolong tea to lose weight

Now let’s learn how to make a perfect cup of oolong tea that will help you lose weight successfully.

Oolong tea leaves

What you need:

  • loose Oolong tea leaves – 1 teaspoon
  • Water – 1 cup
  • tea infuser
  • Pan


  1. Take 1 cup water in a pot and boil.
  2. Pour water into the cup.
  3. Take the infuser pour tea and oolong tea leaves loose it.
  4. place it in the cup with hot water and let the leaves steep for 5 minutes.
  5. Enjoy this refreshing tea at least twice a day to lose weight and maintain weight successfully.

oolong tea bags

What you need:

  • Oolong Tea Bag – 1
  • Hot Water – 1 cup


  1. Take 1 cup of hot water and dip the oolong tea bag in it.
  2. cover with a plate and let stand for 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Remove the tea bag and oolong tea consuming.
  4. consume 2 to 3 cups of oolong tea to lose weight.

Oolong Dust

What you need:

  • Oolong powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Hot Water – 1 cup
  • Colander


  1. Take 1 cup of hot water and tea powder oolong it .
  2. Let stand for 5 to 7 minutes.
  3. Strain the tea and enjoy it slowly.
  4. Take this tea regularly to get its benefits for weight loss.

Oolong and green tea combination

What you need:

  • Oolong powder – 1 teaspoon
  • green Tea – 1 teaspoon
  • Hot Water – 1 cup
  • Colander


  1. Take 1 cup of hot water.
  2. add both oolong and green tea powder to it.
  3. Let stand for 5 minutes.
  4. strain it and SIP tea slowly.
  5. Take this tea twice a day regularly to get rid of the extra pounds.

Points to consider while Oolong tea is preparing to lose weight

  • Prepare the tea oolong lower temperature and continue shorter downtime to preserve beneficial catechins.
  • A temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit and 3 minute soak time is ideal for preparing oolong tea to get the maximum benefits of oolong tea for weight loss.

Precautions to take before using the Oolong tea to lose weight

  • prefers tea oolong hot in the place of oolong tea ice cream if you are using it to lower of weight.
  • According to a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, drinking hot tea is associated with lower body mass index compared to making iced tea.
  • As oolong tea contains a lot of caffeine, consuming too much of oolong tea can cause mild to severe side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, nervousness, sleep problems, irregular heartbeat, pain headache, upset stomach, etc.
  • No drink alcohol more than 2 cups of oolong tea per day.
  • do not take oolong tea for weight loss if breastfeeding as the caffeine content in it can harm your body.
  • If you are under medication for some diseases, such as heart problems, stomach ulcers, kidney disorders or problems related to anxiety, it is advisable to talk to your doctor before taking the oolong tea for weight loss . You can interact with the drug and cause some serious problems.
  • Oolong tea also contains natural fluoride. So that excessive consumption can increase the fluoride content in the body and cause bone fluorosis.
  • Oolong tea can also expel calcium in the urine. If you are suffering from osteoporosis, refrain from taking more than 2 cups of oolong tea per day.
  • Excess consumption of oolong tea can also cause kidney stones, beriberi, glaucoma and tea allergy.
  • refrain from oolong tea if you are under anticoagulant drugs. Also, do not drink oolong tea if you are taking herbs or supplements that slow blood clotting, such as cloves, garlic, ginger, ginkgo and.
  • Excess consumption of oolong tea can also affect iron metabolism of a person, which can lead to anemia.

Oolong tea best brands available on the market

is equally important to choose the best brands of oolong tea if you are going to use for weight loss. The choice of the best brand not only give its authentic aroma and flavor, but will also help you succeed in your goal to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Let’s take a look at some of the best brands of oolong tea available in the market!

  • Stash Tea Oolong
  • Foojoy Mt. Wuyi Oolong tea (Wu Long) Weight Loss
  • Bigelow Chinese Oolong Tea
  • Twinings China Oolong
  • All Natural Vintage Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) Tea
  • Prince of Peace Premium Oolong
  • Foojoy Chinese classic Min-nan Oolong (Wulong) tea
  • Organic Option Oolong
  • the Tao of tea Black dragon loose leaf Oolong tea
  • Revolution dragon eye Oolong tea
  • tie Guan Yin Oolong – Iron Goddess of Mercy
  • Organic Health Oolong US Extreme Extreme Health
  • Natural Dynasty Oolong
  • Ceylon Organic Oolong
  • Prince of Organic Peace Oolong

Tips to lose weight

in addition to taking the oolong tea for weight loss follow the tips listed below to make your goal of losing weight effectively and rapidly.

  • to lose weight, replace your regular coffee with tea or oolong tea.
  • Oolong definitely help you lose weight but at the same time, it is necessary to follow a daily exercise regimen to get the result quickly.
  • To maintain your weight, follow a balanced diet and eat foods with fewer calories.
  • You know that a good digestion helps you lose weight. So drink plenty of water so that the food is digested properly
  • properly chew food before swallowing for proper digestion.
  • Avoid heavy meals and eat smaller portions of meals at regular intervals.
  • Include more vegetables and fruits in your daily meal.
  • avoid eating foods high in calories and fat.
  • Avoid drinking soft drinks.

Now you have a good idea about the benefits of oolong tea for weight loss and how to use oolong tea to lose weight successfully. Why wait? Go and take the package and start oolong tea drink regularly to shed those extra pounds. Stay slim and feel happy!

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